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One thing I continue to value in my life and work, is connection. It’s a bit of a buzz word lately, but I truly enjoy working with people as I find each person or couple has a different story to tell, or a different character to reveal. Photography has allowed me the privilege to share and capture many special moments of connection between couples and their families.

I moved from Kaunas, Lithuania in 2002, and officially founded the Big Affair in 2010, after assisting photographers for years. There’s nothing more fulfilling to me than hearing and seeing a couple’s happiness when they view the photos of their special day. I love the creative aspect of each shoot, playing with light and composition. My goal is always to find new ways to create a unique look to immortalize a couple and reveal their true, most beautiful self, moments and day. My artistic vision continues to be influenced by styles of photography and art that tell a story, and combine fashion and beauty with a timeless elegance, and often with a dramatic flair.

Each couple is unique and I thrive on meeting you and learning who you are, what you want and how I can best help you to craft the best possible photos. I am a relaxed person by nature, so nothing is rushed and the only things that matter are that you both are comfortable and have fun. This is when you are both at your most stunning. It’s your day to bask in each other’s love and create memories, and I am here to ensure these moments are caught in each picture, in a seamless, stress-free way for you.

Photography is such a great medium for art without boundaries and can really highlight the emotion of moment, that special connection. I humbly relish the opportunity to deliver a heartfelt product that my clients can treasure for years and years to come.

I am lucky to have found my own connection in my wife Agne, and we enjoy traveling across the world together. We love hiking, fishing, spending quality time with friends, and exploring all the beauty our planet has to offer.

In Bali with my beautiful wife Agne Skaringa

I look forward to meeting you and spending your special day with you!