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Our Philosophy

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 Our artistic goal is simple: to illuminate the unique and beautiful story your wedding and love inspires. Being a boutique company that solely focuses on wedding photography has allowed us to shape our exclusive stylistic vision, and we combine a classic sensibility with a contemporary eye for design. On your wedding day, we pay particular attention to small details and special moments, because often it's the little things which hold the fondest memories. And, while we strongly emphasize a photo-journalistic "documentary" approach, which allows us to capture your wonderful moments as they happen naturally, we also employ some directed or "posed" setups, when appropriate, to ensure you get the best of both worlds.

Malibu Wedding Photographer 06 We enjoy making your venue work for you, not against you, so we carefully examine potential locations, props, and lighting conditions beforehand, and use them creatively to reflect the beautiful relationships you and your families share. In our photography, our brides are stunning and glamorous, our grooms are handsome and proud, and the entourage of family and friends is joyful and emotionally connected.

 We prefer to be the bearers of good news on your wedding day, not an obstruction to the process. We understand that time is at a premium, so we work with you to carefully plan the timing of your photos in advance to ensure we can offer you the highest quality of coverage. We want you to look and feel the best you possibly can. After all, it's YOUR day... and our goal is to help you cherish it forever!