Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Meet our associate photographer Brian. Here are a few fact about him. 

1. My life is my wife and son(s).

2. I invest myself in you more than you'll know.

3. I have been shooting for about ten years. 

4. I am self taught and inspired by few.

5. My fire for photography is stronger today than it was yesterday or the day before. 

6. My current gear list is Nikon D800 & D750, Nikon 16-35 F4, Nikkor 50 1.8, Tokina 100 2.8 macro, Nikkor 70-200 2.8 VR II and Nikkor 85 1.8, ......So yeah I'm a Nikon guy to say the least. My first camera was a Nikon 4040 and my last camera will be a Nikon as well. (That is unless I win the lottery and get to add a Hassleblad to my roster).

7. I study for all situations that can occur. This way no one is caught off guard with unforeseen situations (happens more than you think). 

8. I have hardly any pictures of myself.

9. I want you to have a good time and be yourself.

10. I don't really have one style or technique (although most consider this a bad thing I disagree). Humans, architecture, landscapes and even abstracts all have their individuality at that certain moment they are captured, I like to mold style around that certain moment and I believe it creates something special.

 I like to shoot personal projects I have floating around in my head while I’m on client shoots and may ask for a few moments to do something random.