All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling

It is fascinating to share the Downtown LA engagement session with a super rad couple, Erika and Ron. It was a cool and fun experience. Both of them are very active, fashionable, and inspiring souls, living their dream lives. In their free time, they like to chill, dine at different restaurants, or stay home and watch TV.
Erika and Ron’s Downtown LA engagement session we started at their house. It has a modern and chic vibe with stunning interior designs and fashionable details. We could literally have had shot the whole engagement down there. However, Downtown LA has many great places to offer, so we did not want to miss an opportunity to stroll the streets for unique backdrops and more fun experience.
That said we hit the road to the Art district of Downtown LA. We walked the streets and found some impressive backdrops of brick walls and artsy green doors for our shoot.
Lastly, we went to Vista Hermosa park to finish with Erika and Ron’s Downtown LA engagement session. We documented every detail as the couple joyfully walked, laughed, and enjoyed their moments. And when sunset was near, Erika and Ron embraced each other and peacefully farewelled the Sun.

Downtown LA Engagement Photography - Erika and Ron chilling at their house Erika smiling while Ron holding a book Ron and Erika snuggling Erika and Ron holding their hands and having fun Wide view of Erika and Ron walking the Downtown LA district Downtown LA Engagement Photography - Ron looking at Erika walking Downtown LA Engagement Photography Erika looking to her right while Ron looking at her Erika and Ron walking in the Art district Erika looking back at roon Downtown LA Engagement Photography Erika and Ron snuggling Erika and Ron walking at hermosa park a portrait of a couple Ron embracing Erika


Downtown LA engagement photography by The Big Affair