All-Inclusive Wedding Day Storytelling


• What kind of events do you cover?

We are happy to discuss covering any type of event. We are experienced in weddings, engagements, birthdays, and corporate events. However, our niche lies in wedding photography.

• What is you wedding photography style?

Our wedding photography style is fashionable and timeless that involves a mixture of documentary, classic, editorial approaches.

• How many weddings do you photograph in a year?

To give the best quality of service, we limit ourselves to 30 weddings per year. We feel that shooting more than 30 weddings deprives us of inspiration, and we want to provide clients with our best and most original work.

• Do we need to meet you before the wedding?

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, we want to get it right, so things flow as smoothly as possible. That is why it is important for our clients to tell us what their expectations are and what kind of shots they prefer. It also helps us to get to know our clients so they will feel more comfortable being around the photographer. Even if it is a destination wedding, we can still meet online via Skype, or Zoom, and discuss your special day and your needs.

• Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do have liability insurance. We believe that every professional wedding photographer should have an insurance policy that covers theft and liability protection.

• What is an assistant for and is he/she really needed?

The goal for us is always to get the best shot, keeps things seamless for you, so you can get back to the celebration at hand, confident that your memories we have captured are the best possible.

• Do I need one or two photographers?

A wedding is a unique and special event that may happen once in your lifetime. If you have more than 50 people at your wedding, we highly recommend hiring two photographers. Your moments are priceless; having two or more wedding photographers gives you a better chance at capturing them at different angles and more scenarios.

• What are your exact terms and conditions?

Since expectations regarding wedding photography vary on a wide range, our exact terms and conditions might vary after a discussion with you. We base the client's contract on this discussion, making the terms clear and transparent for you as well for us.

• What kind of equipment do you prefer to use?

Our primary concern is providing you with top-quality work. We ensure that we use the latest and best equipment that is available in the market. Specifically, we use Nikon top of the line products.

• What are your prices?

Different couples have different expectations for their wedding photography, so we are open to discussion regarding the price. On average, our couples invest $7,500 on their wedding photography.

• Do you have more samples to show besides the ones on your portfolio page?

Yes, we have more samples that we present during our meetings with clients. If you are interested in seeing more samples online, please contact us.

• What kind of packages do you provide?

Every wedding is unique in its own nature, so we provide the best value packages that would work for your specific event. There are packages that cover wedding day only, or packages that cover the wedding day, an engagement session and/or extra events. We provide a variety of albums, prints, slideshows and other available products of your choice. All the packages are customizable to your needs and budget. For more details please contact us.

• How many images do you usually give to your clients?

It depends on the selected package. Usually, the range varies from 500 to 1400 images. However, keep in mind that we will filter the pictures, and we will delete duplicates or images that do not look right. Usually, about 40% of the images taken at the wedding are removed.

• Do you edit the pictures?

Yes, we are experts in post-production and can edit any picture to perfection. There are different levels of post-production starting from basic color correction to a custom level editing. All the photos we give to our clients are color corrected. All album images are custom edited to perfection.

• Do you send Sneak Peeks?

We always share a few sneak peeks the day following your event.

• When can we expect our end product?

We generally have your gallery prepared within 2 months after your wedding. If your package contains an album, then to receive the final product might take up to a year.

• Can event guests take pictures of the party and the happy couple?

Yes, they can, as long as they don't interfere with the photographer's duties and allow the photographer to finish their posed photos so that no other flashes or people are distracting the ones being photographed.

• What are your booking and cancellation policies?

To save your day, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit and fill out the contract. Full deposit is only refundable if the photographer is no longer available to perform or unexpected strategy happens to the client.
The client is allowed to postpone the event if the selected new date is available on the photographer's schedule.
If you decide to cancel your wedding due to COVID-19 or another pandemic completely, we will issue a 20% refund from your deposit.

• What if we buy a package for 9 hours, but we decide we want to keep you for additional time? (Ceremony starts late, party runs late, etc.)

We understand that things don't always go as expected, and you might need more time. We are very flexible, and our couples can still add additional hours on the date of the wedding, and that additional rate will be agreed upon prior to providing the extra hours.

• Are you open to gay marriages ?

We believe in love for everyone, no matter who they choose to love, or how they want to celebrate it. Therefore, we are open to gay marriages.